Wire products

LLC “Texhnotransdetail” provides industrial services:

-bending of steel wire and a calibrated rod;

-welding of metal wire and a rod;

-production of non-standard wire equipment;

-non-standard products of a rod, a metal tube and a sheet;

-turning – milling works.


Our company makes :

– latch FS 07.05.002;

– axle-pin PRT-7А.00.00.602;

– trip rod;

-spring brackets;

– axis of door hinges

– split-pin  2х16  OST 37.001.171-93

– set of staples for cargo securing;

– hatch Cover Holder of a front bumper;

– latch lever of an air filter;

– splint-pin wire;

– axis of hatch hinges;

– flange 52-1802078;

– sleeve 72-2209012 ;

– threaded sleeve;

– nut screw of concrete mixer;

– tool holder 000977

– holder 000967

– needle STB2-

Most of our products we make according to your drawing. Our workers always help you, if you don’t have the drawing. We can make a detail according to your sketch.

You can order the production according to your drawings.