Compression springs

Compression springs are springs which work on compression and perceive longitudinal axial loads compressing the spring in general. Besides the diameter of  a coil and a wire cross-section compression springs differ intercoil distance, i.e. step of a spring. Compression springs can be both standard and non-standard options. We use for their production qualitative wire types 60S2A, 55S2, 65G, St70, the diameter is  from 0.3 mm to 25 mm.

– Cylindrical;

– Conical with constant and variable step and angle of inclination;

– Curly (prismatic, barrel, etc.).

Cylindrical and conical springs working on compression by type of reference planes are divided into:

– springs with not pressed outermost coils are used for working on rods;

– springs with pressed sharpened or sanded outermost coils;

– springs with pressed not sanded outermost coils.

Cylindrical and conical springs are separated in the direction of coiling:

– Right coiling – when laying coils clockwise;

– Left coiling – when laying coils counterclockwise.

You can order the production of compression springs according to your drawings.